• SweepEase SS/POLY BLEND Brush AquaDynamic Pool Brush, 18-Inch

SweepEase SS/POLY BLEND Brush AquaDynamic Pool Brush, 18-Inch

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  • 654367706282 -SS/Combo-18" Brush
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SweepEase AquaDynamic Pool Brush, Sticks the walls and floor with one thrust. SweepEase patented airfoil easily glides back through the water. Comes with an Aluminum handle with a quick one finger release. SweepEase always make contact with the walls and floor, helping to remove algae, sodium and calcium, keeping your pool, perfectly clean. And, Its all done with one hand. Finally! After 60 years, someone came up with a patented shape that works for you! And it only take one hand! Pool Pros, women, para-palegics, even kids can now easily and thoroughly clean the pool. SweepEase, You're goanna Love it.
  • SweepEase Patented shape uses water so the brush sticks to the wall and floor with 5-10 pounds of pressure yet glides back through the water
  • SweepEase has an unbreakable aluminum quick release handle; Keeps your brush straight so it always makes 100-percent contact
  • SweepEase Continued use will help eliminate algae; calcium and sodium easily keeping your pool cleaner than its ever been
  • SweepEase is made with the highest quality materials available and made to last with proper care
  • SweepEase You're goanna love it

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